Project and Interim Management
Project and Interim Management

Project and Interim Management Resources

A Turn Key solution offers quality resources to help your organisation fill a short-term role,  be part of a project team on an assignment or lead a business project to deliver planned initiatives. Our interim management project resources specialise in supply chain, logistics, warehousing, technology and project management.

Specialist interim resources

A Turn Key Solution provides companies the ability to secure the best resource who can lead your project from 3 to 12 months or beyond. Whether your company is implementing a major project or is in the middle of a challenging phase of the project, we are able to fast track the right resource to help move your project forward. Our resources are specialists in supply chain, logistics, warehousing and project management.

If your organisation is looking to back fill a resource in the short term, we are able to assist in selecting and placing the best specialist for your specific project or management role. Whatever the circumstances, A Turn Key Solutions offers major benefits in deploying specialist topic experts within your organisation.

  1. Experience: Our specialists offer a range of skills, supported by qualifications that typically exceed the requirements of the project or assignment.
  2. Track record: Specialist resources are in the results business and are successfully deployed on projects based on their past successes.
  3. Quality: Our resources are seasoned professionals who have held mid-tier to senior management appointments in large corporations. The quality of their work is a testimony to their attitude, professionalism and approach in managing challenging supply chain, logistics or IT projects.
  4. Focus: Our specialists are there to deliver an outcome for your organisation. While remaining aware of the political landscape, they will approach each assignment or project with a mindset that is focused on quality, time and delivery.

Interim management service is ideal for:

  • Providing specialists skills or experience on a short-term basis to be part of your warehouse, logistics or supply chain team . An inventory manager has a specialised skill set to manage all of the core components of inventory from systems, demand planning, inventory policy formulation through to stocktake and audit compliance,  
  • Strengthen your project team with experience to help lead a difficult assignment that requires technical skills and project management experience in develping scope, business requirements and managing the project through to implementation..
  • Replace a key project role to help deliver the project on time and within budget, defined skill set with experience in multi scale project deployment managing complex technology platforms supported by external technology specialists .
  • Supplement your team with a hands-on operator and strategic thinker that delivers solutions from concept to completion. A rounded individual with strategic planning skills and the ability to translate theoretical concepts into deliverables for staged or full blown deployment

Resource based approach

A Turn Key Solution believes that most business challenges are resolved by applying the right resources with talent, ability, experience and a history of proven results. We specialise in supply chain, logistics, warehousing, project management providing capable interim support resources to deliver your current project.

Next Steps:

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