Supply Chain Assessment

Supply Chain Assessment
Supply Chain Assessment

Supply Chain Assessment

A Turn Key Solution actively conducts supply chain assessments to help organisations develop a greater potential to flex or compress their supply chain operations. We can offer an end to end supply chain assessment or a specific module to focus on a core area.

  • Analysis

    Understand the ASIS processes

  • Design

    Develop a future state processes

  • Simulation

    Run scenarios to road test your solution

  • Implementation

    We work with you to deliver the solution

The constant focus on cost controls throughout the year tends to limit supply chain improvement opportunities. We will provide this project management focus with a fact based approach that narrows down to core issues that deliver supply chain performance improvements.

Supply Chain Planning Assessment

Consider supply chain planning as a hub within your business, a central point that is reliant upon a number of functions to feed quality data in a timely fashion. These functions must support a robust supply chain planning process that is managed centrally through a sales and operations planning model bringing together all core stakeholders to collaborate and work towards developing a fixed supply plan and demand plan.

Collaborative planning approach

This collaborative approach is the cornerstone of any successful business planning process as it creates a tactical plan that's converted to an operational plan with dates and quantities. Manufacturing will build to plan while the warehouse will pick, pack and process to plan. The demand plan defines your vendors requirements of what, when and how much to buy. The supply plan will take these sku's from vendor deliveries and convert them to work orders for manufacturing or pick requirements for warehousing. The end result being an achievable plan for each function targeting the highest customer service level with the right opening and ending inventory level.

supply chain planning process

Bringing together materials management and lean operations to optimise supply chain working capital is the challenge. Businesses that have successfully implemented a robust supply chain planning process continue to manage all of the drivers that impact supply chain performance. By having an overall awareness of the supply chain planning process, personnel are supported with the right tool sets and education to ensure that it is a continuous improvement process. The structure of the supply chain planning process must be supported by senior management and woven in the culture of the business.

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