Logistics Consultants for Small Business

Logistics Consultants
Logistics Consultants

Logistics consultants for small business

Helping small businesses create a competitive advantage.

Our aim is to help your small business reach the next level with the right logistics model.

Whether your small business is in startup mode or operating for a while, our logistics consultants are well placed to test, design and implement the right logistics model.

Small business owners are great at coming up with ideas and new concepts to grow their business. We want to make sure that your business has the right logistics model to support business goals. The logistics model must operate efficiently and at the right cost.

Logistics challenges for small business

This list of issues will look familiar to most small business owners who have needed the services of an experienced logistics consultant:

  • They underestimate the importance of a logistics operation.
  • Don’t spend enough time planning how to set up a logistics operation.
  • Have trouble appointing the right people to run their logistics operation.
  • Don’t really know what it costs to run a logistics operation.
  • SME’s have trouble setting up a new warehouse for the business.
  • Don’t know if it is better to outsource to a 3PL or operate their warehouse.
  • Deciding to centralise inventory or decentralise inventory.
  • What is the best way to distribute their products to customers?
  • Have unrealistic expectations on the time it takes to change.

Our focus as logistics consultants

We aim to help implement the best logistics solution for your business by working with you to understand your problems and make a difference. Investing in an external logistics resource is a sound investment, only if you are confident that the problems you are having will be solved.

We stand by our work and will guarantee that the solution we propose or implement is the best available solution that your budget will allow. We will not over engineer any solution that complicates your business and adds cost that you cannot afford. Our commitment is to simplify your business, with the right systems, processes and procedures that gives you the best logistics platform to grow your small business.

Our Logistics Consulting Services

To help you better understand what we are capable of doing for small businesses, take a look at our list of services.

  • Help small business set up the right logistics strategy for their business.
  • Take a look at the existing structure to see how it can support the business in the future.
  • Help with you decision of setting up a warehouse or outsourcing to a 3PL.
  • Look at the type of technology being used to assess it its right for your business.
  • Help you understand the real cost of your logistics operation.
  • To implement standardised processes for your logistics operation.
  • To establish the best warehouse layout that speeds up processing customer orders.
  • Take a look at your materials handling equipment to see if it is right for your business.
  • Help with any service contracts that provide logistics services for your business.
  • A virtual supply chain and logistics service for advice or guidance.
  • In house training and supply chain coaching to identify and develop star performers.

Next Steps:

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