3PL Consultants
3PL Consultants

3PL Consultants

We assist 3PL providers to achieve the highest level of efficiency, utilisation and service for their customers. Our goal is to optimise the warehouse layout, flow, storage and retrievel of inventory for your 3PL business within the right cost of your operation. 

Let us analyse, verify, design and implement the right automated warehouse solution for your 3PL distribution centre. It starts with understanding your existing 3PL model and implementing the right changes to process or infrastructure with sound industrial engineering principles.

Ready to make a difference to your 3PL warehouse operation?

A Turn Key Solution can help change the way you operate your 3PL warehouse operation and work with other logistics providers to support your clients with the right logistics solution for their business. Our 3PL warehouse capability review is designed to help identify and address these typical issues within your 3PL warehouse.

  • Poor space utilisation delays processing tasks and increases our labour cost.
  • Casual resources lack the necessary skills to perform at the next level.
  • Weaknesses with aggregate allocation process to better manage demand and resources.
  • Do we have the best storage solutions, racking and binning for our products?
  • Customer service levels are poor due to delays in order picking and despatch.
  • Not understanding the actual cost of our 3PL warehouse & distribution network

Whether your 3PL operation is running from an older facility or a modern warehouse site, we adopt a standardised process methodology that will focus on understanding the real issues that are impacting on your ability to provide high customer service levels within the right cost management structure.

3PL Warehouse Capability Review

Having implemented a number of 3PL sites and assisted customers in selecting the right 3PL options for their business, we are well placed to help develop the right solutions for business. Our experience working with freight forwarders, transport companies, warehouse companies and specialist integrated logistics providers is invaluable when we work on developing the right solution.

We take a look at your 3PL warehouse layout, propose a new layout or modify existing processes to deliver higher productivity improvements. It is all about achieving the right balance within a 3PL operation, safe speed, service and cost management.

Our typical 3PL review will incorporate these core elements as we try to get a better understanding of your operation and client needs:

  • Existing contract, performance metrics and cost management control.
  • The existing warehouse layout and how it supports the flow of inventory.
  • Materials handling equipment, the cost of equipment, suitability and utilisation.
  • Warehouse storage systems, racking, binning, shelving for all products.
  • Warehouse resources, the quality of their work and process knowledge.
  • Warehouse systems, RF systems, WMS, ERP system and extent of integration.

Past 3PL projects and our experience

We don’t complicate the process or over engineer a solution to simply benefit from a capital investment into warehouse automation. Our aim is to deliver a quality assessment that provides a path for continuous improvement for your 3PL operation and client management opportunities.

Here are some initiatives that will take your 3PL warehouse operation to the next level:

Warehouse Relocation to a new 3PL provider

  • 3PL Tender evaluation, site selection and awarding of contract.
  • Project management focus to develop relocation plans and manage transition.
  • New warehouse layout design to support inventory storage and movement profile.
  • Deployment of all IT systems, RF scanning, pick technologies and EDI.
  • Physical relocation of inventory for 6 week go live cutover.

3PL Warehouse improvement Project

  • Complete warehouse layout assessment to understand how inventory is moved and orders processed.
  • Review of each warehouse function to establish defined processing areas
  • New racking installation to free up processing floor space and congestion.
  • Resource planning tool for cost control management
  • Transport management system to optimise load planning and pallet build.
  • Implemented a supplier delivery schedule to smooth vehicle arrivals.
  • Order cycle-time has reduced due to new warehouse layout changes.
  • Despatch workloads balanced from cross dock through to final outbound load completion.
  • Greater resource visibility at a site level creating an opportunity to manage casual labour costs more effectively.
  • Outbound transportation routes are planned and more efficient, which create opportunities for cost recovery.
  • Yard management initiatives implemented to better manage space and vehicles.

Next Steps:

Feel free to contact our office for advice or to discuss any specific project requirements.