Supply Chain Coach

Supply Chain Coach

Are you supporting the growth and development of your supply chain resources to constantly drive organisational performance?

Our business coaching model reviews your supply chain structure, identifies talent and works on equipping these individuals with the right mindset to become a 2IC. We focus on building internal capacity for your organisation by conducting an initial review of the existing supply chain, logistics or warehouse structure to:

  • Develop an understanding of the function the resource is required to perform.
  • Assess the level of resource competency by working collaboratively to develop an insight into their ability.
  • Measure the results of the assessment by comparing typical tasks and processes within similar industries.
  • Develop a skills matrix that is representative of the outcomes by resource.
  • Identify opportunities or skills gaps that require additional training or development for resource.
  • Gauge their ability to develop,embrace and utilise new technologies.

Outcomes of the program

  • Meeting the challenges placed on you each day
  • Have the confidence to take a calculated risk to solve a problem within your area or organisation
  • Set performance standards and meet these standards.
  • Focus on achieving outcomes that are real and measurable.

How can your supply chain and logistics functions be more effective?

We have recognised that in order to achieve effective organisational development for supply chain and logistics personnel, organisations must have a clear business framework that starts with strategic planning through to the tactical deployment of initiatives at an operational level. Supply chain and logistics resources need to be part of this planning process, contributing to its formation and execution in pursuit of becoming a rounded professional.

  • Company vision must be clear, concise and be part of the communication channels throughout the entire organisation.
  • Corporate governance model that incorporates project oversight on all investment decisions and programs for implementation.
  • Strategic planning initiatives are identified and established as agreed direction inline with the company vision.
  • Business Planning must align directly to each of the strategic initiatives and build an operational budget to underpin support.
  • Program development and implementation of capital projects inline with the strategic and governance objectives.
  • Resource learning opportunities for development and upskilling to support core stretegic and business initiatives.
  • Clear accountability to be established either as a business lead or a project lead to implement initiatives.
  • Management systems capability to be increased to support the delivery of business initiatives.
  • Policies and Procedures developed to support all aspects of the business operations.
  • Collaboration must be promoted as a core company value to encourage openness and idea sharing.

Effective organisations have adopted a continuous improvement approach that encourages their resources to develop their skills and capability while at the same time organisational management systems, procedures and policies are amended to reflect the pace of the organisation. While new products are being launched into new markets, supply chain and logistics resources are also encouraged to embrace new technologies or learn how to operate new equipment as part of this continuous improvement process.

Next Steps:

Feel free to contact our office for advice or to discuss any specific project requirements.