Logistics simulation

Allows our Logistics consultants to develop a logistics model to view your entire operation in a virtual setting. This creates the opportunity to develop a range of scenarios that will assist in developing a future state Logistics model. Most of the problem area's identified above can be addressed through the use of Logistics simulation modelling as a stand alone application or fully integrated with your ERP/WMS.

Logistics Simulation benefits

Some clear benefits that can take your Logistics operation to the next level:

  • Receiving function's inbound order profile becomes more visible and dictates the time and effort for equipment and resources to support inbound due dates.
  • The release cycletime of inventory is reduced between receiving and putaway through improved equipment load balancing.
  • Picking and replenishment processes can be synchronised where one's success is a function of the other (High Fill rate = High pick rate).
  • Despatch workloads can be balanced from crossdock through to final outbound load completion.
  • Greater resource visibility at a site level creating an opportunity to manage casual labour costs more effectively.
  • Outbound transportation routes are planned and more efficient, which create opportunities for cost recovery.

We can assess your logistics network to determine its effectiveness in meeting customer demand, redesigning your warehouse operations storage, retrieval and handling solutions to provide a more efficient logistics network. 3PL outsourcing evaluation, business integration and transportation network redesign are a few projects we have undertaken.

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